Our cooky/privacy policy is as simple as we could possibly keep it:

We have to place a consent cooky notification on this website, that needs to be accepted before some elements of the website will work. This is so, since we are based in the Netherlands and we want to comply with the law.


By clicking ok, for the use of cookies by our site, visitor information is collected by:

  • Log files on our hosting providers web server. 
  • Third party social embeds. In our case the embed of our facebook page. And the button to follow / share our facebook page. 
  • The use of a contact form (please accept our cookies first, before mailing us. To make sure the form works).

Further you can set/change a technical cookie: 

As is notified below here, next to the buttons:

Sets a technical cookie recording you deny consent,
you won't be asked again.

Removes the consent cookie from your browser.

This policy could be better, probably.
If we missed something of importance, please let us know.

This was written by a Dutch speaking person who is a designer and not a legal expert or native English text writer. This text could certainly be better! In case we missed to notify you on a matter regarding privacy or collection of visitor information via our website, please let us know via the contact form on our homepage, thank you!

More information on use of cookies in the Netherlands, where we are based:


Check out bits of freedom!

Besides our cooky policy we would like to point out that the development on privacy matters are complicated and that there are new developments continuously, not all good ones. An interesting site to keep up with the facts and news about digital rights is the Bits of Freedom homepage. Bits of Freedom is the leading digital rights organization in the Netherlands. This is their homepage:


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